Heritage of the Visigoths and others.

Villa Bethania  (Bérenger Saunière’s Domain).

Marker UP1110 (Visigoth Royal Treasure).

Mary Magdalene Church Interior

Our Timeless Team at work.  (GPR and Site Survey.)

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  As work progresses information for public release will be included and will be posted for all to see.  At this stage there is already much food for thought but it is important that the huge volume of information is placed on permanent record throughout the World.  Many have given their lives to preserve this information but in the past it could not be released due to contrary forces and influences exercising enormous pressure.  Murder and coercion were and still are their stock-in-trade.  These still exist but modern media is now here.  There is now no reason to withhold  the details of the Visigothic Royal Treasure.  However the precise location of the Jerusalem Temple Treasure remains hidden for the present.  Also the secret location of the cave containing data relating to Mary Magdalene and her association with Christ are still secret.  Fortunately Saunière made sure that the Wedding Cup and Anointing Jar from Jesus Christ’s Wedding to Mary Magdalene have been preserved for this generation with other artefacts.

The information contained in this website relate to things that have been shrouded  in secrecy for many centuries. They are of deep political and religious relevance.  Some items relating to Jerusalem are of a particular political sensitivity and it is perhaps appropriate that no official comment should be made at this time.  Matters relating to Mary Magdalene and to her marriage to Jesus Christ prior to His crucifixion and to the widowed Mary Magdalene settling in Languedoc,  and to her being buried there with priceless artefacts relating to the time of Christ, may be a source of deep embarrassment  to some who have made pronouncements regarding matrimony.

However,  the main opposition is still rooted in those anti-Christ forces that have striven to disregard Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection and to discredit the whole ethos of Judeo-Christian religion.  The conflict is by no means diminished after all this time, as can be freely observed by all.

But in April 2014, US scientists dispute Vatican forgery claim. A faded papyrus fragment, known as the "Gospel of Jesus' Wife" which the Vatican thought at that time to be a fake, is most likely an ancient document and not a modern forgery, scientists say. The tiny piece measuring 8 cm by 4 cm has been controversial because it contained the passage "Jesus said to them, 'My wife..." - a phrase never seen before in any scripture. On the fragment, which emerged in 2012, there were also the words: "She will be able to be my disciple". Never before has a gospel referred to Jesus having women as disciples.  This caused a stir amid the debate in some churches over whether women could be Disciples.  These pages will help to provide information but it is always up to the individual to reach his or her own conclusions based on the facts now available and future enlightenment that must eventually come.   

  DEK Publishing, under the direction of Bill Kersey, the Author and Researcher, has been engaged in an exciting series of discoveries.  Recent work with the Ben Hammott team has resulted in further information confirming the validity of previous hypotheses relating to the mysteries surrounding Rennes-le-Château.

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